Feit Principles All Wrapped Together

The jodhpur style wrap boot is the natural combination of Feit’s ethical convictions. Fans of the chelsea’s super clean and minimal dressing will find the same silhouette in the wrap boot, but Feit has worked around the elastic gusset with a lacing system that is shifted to the back, preserving the clean profile of the one-piece design without anything synthetic.

It’s those little details where Feit walks most confidently. Putting their skills to matching craftsmanship with environmental concerns, the wrap boot is handlasted and handsewn by one master craftsman from start to finish using only natural materials - a considerate conversation between consumption and creation.

They’ve done away with metal hardware and replaced the inner metal shanks with bamboo that keeps form but allows the leather to breathe as it does in nature. Using vegetable-tanned leather that remains neutral regardless of temperature means that you can wear these boots barefoot without the leather retaining sweat or odor and will age all the better for it. Additionally, a dedication to building a shoe from single piece uppers makes seamless comfort while allowing the shoe to break-in evenly and shape personally.

Where you’re going and what you take away is a personal experience that forms its own character. Your shoes are a proud map of that travel. And though the stories are individual, it’s sharing them that builds on the past and inspires the future.