Feeling As Good As You Look

Everything is about to get really busy in the best ways. Summer weekends fill up fast. Invitations are being sent out now for all the graduations, weddings, and events that your presence is formally requested for.

Summer suiting is art in the details - a balance of comfort and style that grins in the shared space of daylight, but anticipates the evening with easy evolution. Though we attend the event in the day, we get dressed for the evening.

A beautiful summer sunset opens possibilities for the well-suited. Waiting for your table to be called to the buffet line, introductions are made and conversations begin.

The evening air lifts the weight of daylight and moments stand apart - private spaces to share and celebrate. The depth of the conversation is matched with the comfort presented, a confidence of character and an interested posture that was set to play before you left home - when you were picking out a shirt, folding a handkerchief, or retying a tie.

It’s time to catch-up and it’s the first time to meet. It’s time to listen and time to shut-up and dance. It’s time to compete with yourself for all the fun you’ve ever had while honoring the community that brought everyone together.

It’s time to carry the day into the moonlight.