Deliberate Spaces

Every house has a kitchen and an office. The best ones are filled with personality. Framed photographs of loved ones smile from the desk. Gramma’s recipes guard more than just memories of licking spoons, but also the shared histories of many generations. They’re spaces where life is ironed out and also where it’s served.

Pushing papers and jockeying behind a desk can be a bear. It’s hard to sit down to the day’s business at hand and not get a stress pulse. “It’s just part of the job,” is the thought that accepts this modern fate. Accomplishment is measured here, but rarely felt.

The desk is a place where you get all your ironing done. It’s a second brain, a place to store all memories, plans, and mandates to free your focus when you walk away. But it’s often neglected. It can be hard to see those framed photos behind the stack of cluttered thoughts and checklists.

Maybe you’ve upped your game and you own a superior pen for writing checks that delivers a boss confidence - reminding you why it is that you’re relied upon. It’s nice to hold something real that fits a function with grace, but often the rest is overlooked.

Why should it be? What if everything you held in your hand had satisfying weight?

There are things that are made to function and then there are things that are made for excellence.

The day’s work folds into evening and it’s time to get home and make dinner - cutting through the layers of the day with a confident hand and the weight of quiet integrity.