Dealing With It.

A person can either place a safe bet on the house by getting a job for an organization that sets their hours and wages, come home to dinner every night and maybe watch a movie, or they can take the risk of betting on themselves, shoot the moon, and hope for greater reward. And sometimes that’s the only choice left. For many, it seems to be in the luck of the draw.

But Tyler Deeb made his own luck. Coming to work one day to find that his freelance graphic design work had dried up, Tyler bided his time by honing his skills.

Intrigued by the rich history of playing card design, he began working on a jack of spades. He liked how it turned out and set it aside. The next day he sat down at his desk and still no work, so he designed the queen of spades. Every day he looked for work and finding none, designed a new card.

After three long months of this, he was broke, but what he did have was a unique deck of cards of exquisite detail on his computer.

So... he decided to play his hand.

Launching a kickstarter in 2012, Tyler was surprised and humbled by the outpouring of interest and investment. He got to work, and Misc. Goods Co was born. The results are art at play.

Printed on bee paper, the highest quality playing card stock, are the polished play of details invested into each card. From the classic iconography of the royals - with developed depth and symbology, to the modern typography that reads as well as it shines, the sophistication is as subtle as gin rummy.

The tuck case is printed with gold or silver foil and is embossed with “do nothing out of selfish ambition.” These cards are to be enjoyed between friends. As nuanced as house rules and as strident as the stories across the table, they’re a hand too good to fold.