Corridor SS'19 Lookbook

Corridor clothes are all about clean texture - an approach to increasing the depth of layering without boastful exclamation. There’s a nuance of understanding built from the cloth up, an investment in finer feeling. Corridor is relaxed - even playful - but with a strong lean on sophistication. It’s the new Ivy, a modern approach to being smart for your own good.

Corridor feels the way it does because there’s a clear purpose in the fabrication. Before the cloth is cut, it has been hand-selected to bring drape and texture to the season. Designer Dan Snyder seeks out materials with texture and idiosyncratic elements, making clothing accessible and interesting with a satisfying handfeel.

And then, Corridor’s award-winning patternmaking takes it from there with comfortable shoulders, natural movement, a tailored fit, and lines that are always concise and clean - adding up to a cool warmth of maturity.

Corridor’s 3-panel shirting provides extra movement without the pattern disruption of darts - making them a more structured fit. Using seersucker, linen, and breathable cotton along with patterns for vacation time and country formal get-togethers, Corridor's SS19 has family and friends in mind. And the sweaters this season are ready for cool evenings and easy breathing.

There’s a consistency of handsomeness that is both striking and comfortable.

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