Check Your Head

Another good day to be out, go see some friends, enjoy the sun under the shade of style, seeing sights and trading thoughts - under your brim, the weather is always just right.

At a rakish angle pulled low and sharply handsome or tipped back at a playful balance, framing a smile - hats have a language beyond utility.

Nick Fouquet doesn’t want to reinvent the hat; he takes a traditional western sensibility and adds artistic commitments that make something that is reliably comfortable into something strikingly confident.

You reinvent the way it rides, an accent that flirts with the light and stirs the wind.

Nick Fouquet doesn’t draw out his designs before he starts sculpting. He allows the material to form, learning his art by contemplating the work in his hands and by maintaining a flexibility that knows a finished hat by feel.

We wear many different hats in life. In Nick Fouquet’s words: “You’ve got to wear the hat; you can’t let the hat wear you.”