Baller Shoes

Tired of watching his designs go through the bells and whistles of major label distortion - seeing his work covered over with industry gimmick, pure ideas lost to marketing - David Raysse decided to go out on his own.

And David Raysse knows what it takes to make a baller shoe.

While still playing ball in college, a 22 year old Raysse created the iconic Grant Hills for FILA and two decades later, after stints with adidas and others, it was time to listen to his mentor, legendary French designer Philippe Starck, when he told Raysse, “Fuck this marketing bullshit, you have to get away from it.”

So he did. By simplifying the product down to those pure ideas, investing in materials, details, and months of wear-testing, the results are performance first and stemming from that value comes a high fashion aesthetic. Utilizing the same factory that produces Prada footwear and other high end fashion brands, only the greatest craftsmanship and materials are implemented to compliment the detail study of feel and style.

And it’s catching on.

Brandblack is creating a buzz in the sneakerhead community, not just because they constantly push boundaries by running with new ideas instead of endlessly copying a past success, and not because of the groundswell from investing in the community through youth basketball leagues, and not even because Jamal Crawford proudly wore his signature Brandblacks for years on the court, but because they live up to the hype.

These are the most comfortable, high performance trainers we’ve ever laced up.

Brandblack wants real ballers and people who can understand a superior shoe; and for that last part, all you need to do to understand is to put a pair on.