AMBK comes from the culture of carrying a handkerchief everyday. Every handkerchief is a reliable tool and a great handkerchief adds style while it carries feelings of home - folded into your pocket. 

The humble piece of fabric is everything from a scarf to a basket, but AMBK brings the love of fabric, textile construction, and traditional techniques to finish the cloth with dyeing and discharge printing to this modest accessory. Bandanas are the combination of functionality, simplicity, and individuality, and are the quickest and coolest detail around a neck or in a back pocket. 

Nihon Menpu, known for their denim and for their antique spinning and weaving equipment, is one of the oldest vertical mills in Okayama, Japan. AMBK are the fortunate friends of these craftsmen.

Utilizing the time-honored traditions and expertise of Nihon Menpu as the creative outlet in producing these superior bandanas, AMBK has composed a hemmed square that honors the vintage designs that have been in the back pocket of every greaser, punk rocker, cowboy, and gentleman since the time that men have sweat.

ambk bandana

Like a redesign of a royal from a deck of playing cards, the traditional paisley pattern has been given additional meaning with the full bloom of the cherry blossom as a nod to its thoughtful designer and manufacture. 

Nihon Menpu matched, as closely as possible, the bandana colors from AMBK’s own personal collection of vintage squares, and then discharge prints the sacrosanct cherry blossoms onto the cloth. Discharge printing removes the dye from the fabric to produce the pattern instead of printing additional ink on top of the dye, thereby creating a softer fabric and an image that won’t fade or crack.

ambk japan bandanas

Whether it’s to wipe your brow when working in the sun, to tie around your neck when the winds of fall start promising the winter, or to offer to a lady during a tender moment, handkerchiefs are a true friend. These are the best ones.