An Italian Master

An Italian Master

It’s easy to find pictures of Alessandro Squarzi, but his style is still elusive. One of the most photographed fashion icons today, he’s been cornered into curt answers to define his lifelong pursuit of style by interviewers curious to divine his secrets. 

His answers aren’t always the same, and though he has a classic approach with a proud Italian stride, he lets his mood decide. It’s him. It’s what he does. 

But people kept asking, so in 2014 the Fortela team began answering that question with reconstructed vintage that ties the east to west.

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To understand the intrigue you need to see Mr. Squarzi. His confidence is on his sleeve, always looking effortlessly sophisticated in his blend of vintage and new classics. He doesn’t take a bad picture and has been a muse for street photographers Tommy Ton and Scott Schuman The Sartorialist, making him a household name in the fashion world.

His style isn’t just his impeccable fashion choices, but also in the way he carries the clothing along with him, setting or following a feeling – the difficult to define, but easily recognizable, place where fashion grows into artistic expression.

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The hype, though deserved, belies a self-awareness and personality that he has cultivated over his career. His constant contrasts are organically fused and link history, progressive craftsmanship, and confident grace.

Fortela channels the style icon’s magic. There’s not much of a back catalog to paint the picture, but these early brushstrokes are masterful. Fortela advances his vision with design that honors heritage craftsmanship in harmony with luxury - as well as an Italian’s eye for tailoring. The fabrics, the cuts, and the vintage elements combine into details that feel simultaneously exciting and comfortable.

He’s a handsome man, but that’s not the draw; it’s that spark of something special that has him as one of the most photographed men at Pitti Uomo. Mr. Squarzi has gravitas and he knows what he likes.

He has one of the largest collections of vintage clothing, cars, and motorcycles in all of Italy, where the heart of the history of art IS western culture. Understanding these pieces tactilely, he gives voice to a rich history. It’s as if Bernini’s Veil has been lifted with the force of a song.

The play between vintage and new is reflected in the first two items we’re offering from Fortela. The Cycle Jacket is a type 2 like work jacket, but made from a luxurious Italian corduroy.

The second is the Pences Pant, Italian tailored that fits like a suit pant, but made from a heavier white selvedge twill on Japanese shuttle looms.

We are one of the lucky few to carry what we feel to be the merger and premier of this conceptual collaboration between fashion and personality - art that understands breath.