A Linen Perspective

There’s as many personal tricks to it as surnames, but we all earn our downtime. Sometimes all it takes is a knock at the door to be ready to relax. When a friend pops-in to say “hey,” there’s not a better excuse to fold a crease into that to-do list and tuck it into a pocket. There are bigger excuses - planned parties and holidays, but that’s not how you have buddies - that’s just why you were invited.

It’s time to pull out the lawn chairs, sip on something refreshing, and allow light conversation to turn into banter so sharp that it cuts the grass without any loud machine other than a boombox. If you’re busy sharing old stories till you have those marathon laughter side-stitches, then the flowers can be seen through the weeds anyway. If you have to take a break from telling tales just to recover, then anywhere you’re sitting is on the top of a mountain.

The lawn is going to perpetually need a haircut, that’s just something to do when you’re not too busy hanging out.

Once the things on that list are far enough away to have dwindled into the blurred lines of an awesome vista, it’s a lot easier to gain perspective. That’s what friends are for. It’ll get done if it’s important anyway.

So stay cool, enjoy the sunshine, and breeze by in linen threads to all your open invitations.