50 Years of Cool

Back in 1967, the Summer of Love, Levi’s updated their classic trucker jean jacket for the last time. Doing away with the pleats from the previous versions, making it less boxy, and adding slimming V seams to create a handsome symmetry, the Type III appealed broadly.

Customized by rebel cultures while retaining its proud blue collar status, it’s been weathered through the work week, worn on the town, and passed down for long use and patinaed personality.

Levi’s invented the greatest jean jacket to rock the shoulders of a Boss and hasn’t looked back for fifty years.

But it wasn’t yet perfected.

Iron Heart, the masters of modern workwear, have given the Type III an update worthy of the name.

Iron Heart's flagship 21oz denim, tough and thick, molds like clay to the workload. The cut has been modernized, tapering to the body for movement tailor-made to relax in its function. The arms have been slimmed down so they no longer look like bat wings flapping around listlessly, and Ironheart has added much needed slash pockets to serve errant hands.

Cut also in a cool-as-evening corduroy, Iron Heart has taken the mold set forth by an icon and perfected it for modern times.

For fifty years we’ve been hanging out in Type III’s. We’re not gonna stop; we’re just better at it.